How does private buyer-seller communication work?

We have recently launched a new messaging platform for our private listings! This integrated system will allow you to communicate to a buyer or a seller directly through your inbox on our website.


To reach out to a private seller, please use the contact form on the listing page to submit an inquiry (as seen below).

- Please note that the "Make an Offer" tool is designed to streamline pricing negotiations, but does not bind either the buyer or seller to take any further action.

Once this form is submitted, the private seller will be notified. You will be able to check responses to your inquiry by checking your inbox at the top right corner of the page:

This will redirect you to inquiries you've made on private listings:


If you are listing a vehicle and a shopper reaches out to you, you will get notified in your email inbox that someone is interested in your car! Please open the message and follow the 'Go to Inbox' link to be re-directed to your private messaging thread: 

Once you are on your listing inbox, you should see an inquiry from the user indicating that they are interested in your listing vehicle that looks similar to this: 

To reply to the inquiry, simply type your message in the specified field and click the blue "Send" button on the right side of your message. Please note that the message will not appear in the potential buyer's inbox until they refresh their page. 


If you wish to opt out of receiving notifications when a user has submitted a message on your listing, please go to your inbox and click the grey 'gear' to edit your notification settings:  

Once you click on the gear you should see an option to turn off notifications for that particular buyer as shown here: 

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