A buyer wants to test drive my car. What do I do?

If you are selling your vehicle privately, there is a good chance that the prospective buyer will want to test drive the car before moving forward. Buyers will have the opportunity to request this you can also initiate the test drive on your end. You can choose up to three different time slots to give the other party multiple options that could fit with their schedule:

Before you meet up, there are a number of things to keep in mind as well as precautions you should take:  

  • Meet the potential buyer at a neutral location that is convenient for both parties. 
  • Feel free to ask for a driver's license that you can take a photo of as well as their insurance card. If you don't already have it, be sure that you have their phone number as well. 
  • You can ask a friend or family member to come along for the test drive.
  • Check with your insurance policy to see if you are covered by other drivers of your vehicle. 
  • If the buyer wants to have the vehicle inspected, we recommend going with them to the mechanic. 
  • Trust your gut! If you are at all uncomfortable, you are not required to offer a test drive.

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