Adding Photos on Mobile Device

Please note, beginning June 27, 2024, CarGurus users will not be able to create new private listings, upgrade to featured listings, or extend current listings on the site. You will continue to be able to add and edit photos as long as you listing is active. More information can be found here.

To upload photos to your private listing from a mobile device, please log in and tap "More" in the bottom corner of the screen. From here, you will see the "My Cars for Sale" option. If this does not appear, please log out and log back in using the email address you used to create the listing.

Scroll down on the following page and tap "Add/Manage Photos"

From there, select "Add more photos" and choose the location in which they are saved:

Afterwards, tap Done and the photos will be added! If you run into any issues, please try uploading photos one at a time. Also note that the supported file types are PNG, JPEG, JPG and the maximum size is also 10MB

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