CarGurus Delivery

CarGurus Delivery Basics

What is CarGurus Delivery?

CarGurus Delivery is a product that gives car shoppers more selection by supplementing vehicle searches with low results. When a car shopper's search yields a limited selection of vehicles, delivery results will be displayed alongside local results.

Which dealers participate in CarGurus Delivery today?

Any dealer that meets CarGurus quality requirements and is willing to deliver vehicles within their coverage area is eligible to participate.

CarGurus Delivery Pricing

How much does CarGurus Delivery cost?

That depends on how the dealer selling the vehicle has chosen to price it. Some dealers will cover any costs associated with delivery (so it will be free for car shoppers). Others may choose to include a flat fee or per-mile fee, based on the distance from the dealer. Any costs are indicated on search results next to the truck icon (see image below).

How will Instant Market Value (IMV) work with CarGurus Delivery?

The Instant Market Value (IMV) will still represent a fair retail price for a vehicle based on a detailed analysis of comparable current and previous car listings in your local market. 

Delivery and Vehicle Returns

How long does delivery take?

Delivery time will vary from dealer to dealer. You should inquire with the dealer directly for a delivery estimate.

How do returns work?

Returns vary depending on the dealer. Click on a vehicle to view the dealership’s return policy. You can also contact the dealer with further questions.

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