How Do I Improve My Listing?

There are a number of things you can do to increase the visibility of your listing.

If you go to My Cars for Sale, you will find recommendations as well as information on how to upgrade your listing to "Featured Status".

Be sure to read the following article to make sure your listing qualifies for featured status:

Featured Private Listings

Additionally, from your My Cars for Sale page, you can add more details to your listing description. The more information the better! An honest and well thought out description will let buyers know you are serious about selling your car. 

Be sure to take many high quality photos that show multiple angles of the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Private sellers are allowed up to 32! Disclosing any mechanical or cosmetic issues up front will develop trust with prospective buyers and lead to a smoother transaction down the line.

You will also see an area to add a profile picture to your page. Listings that have this gain around 10% more shoppers. Feel free to submit your license from the My Cars for Sale page to get the "Verified Seller" badge as well. All of these should help your listing gain more visibility.

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