How do I contact the seller?

Please note that CarGurus does not sell cars. To contact the seller of a car listing that interests you, simply fill out and send the contact form provided on the listing detail page (see the example below). Also, note that you must click on the car listing to see the contact form. If the car you are interested in is located at a dealership, the form will look similar to this and you may have the option to provide a personalized message:

Keep in mind that you must contact a dealer directly through the CarGurus contact form to be eligible to leave a dealership review.

If the vehicle you are interested in is being sold privately, the contact form will look similar to this and you may have the option to make a quick offer! Please note that the "Make an Offer" tool is designed to streamline pricing negotiations, but does not bind either the buyer or seller to take any further action:

Once you've submitted this form, we'll notify the seller that you're interested and pass along your contact information. You should hear back from the seller soon! 

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