What is a listing verification photo?

To prevent scammers from using our private listing platform and to ensure maximum transparency, we occasionally ask users to submit a listing verification photo along with the correct corresponding VIN.

While we understand that our users are eager for their listings to go live on the site, we believe it’s crucial that the seller is both the owner of the vehicle for sale and has ready access to it. First and foremost, we want to protect shoppers from fraudulent listings. By doing so, we hope to drive confident buyers to your CarGurus ad!

When your listing is paused for verification, you will get an email with a 5-digit code and the following instructions:

1.  Print or write the unique verification code on a piece of paper (including the text: "for CarGurus") in letters big enough to read from several feet away and make sure it's legible once uploaded.

2.  Place the piece of paper clearly displayed on the windshield of your vehicle.

3. Open one of the front doors of the vehicle to verify ownership and access to the vehicle.

4.  Snap a photo of the front of your car with the paper on the windshield and opened front door, making sure both are clearly visible. You can then upload it using the link provided in the email or selecting "Choose File..." on the verification page. 

(Note: If you lose the email, you can access the photo submission page by going to your Messages)

Your photo should look something like this:

If your verification photo gets rejected, you’ll get a new email asking you to take a new photo and re-upload it. Verification photos are typically denied for the following reasons: 

  •        The photo doesn't include the whole vehicle. 
  •        One of the front doors is not pictured completely open.  
  •        The code is illegible.
  •        The text doesn't include the correct code AND the text "for CarGurus."

Please see examples of rejected verification photos below. In clockwise order from top-left, these were rejected because: photo is dark/blurry, the entire vehicle cannot be seen, paper is missing "for CarGurus,” one of the front doors is not pictured completely open.

Please note that verification requests will expire after two weeks. Unfortunately, once a request expires, the listing will be removed from our site.

Please note, beginning June 27, 2024, CarGurus users will not be able to create new private listings, upgrade to featured listings, or extend current listings on the site. More information can be found here.

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