Instant Offer: Pickup

What happens during the pickup process?

At the time of your appointment, your vehicle will be inspected to confirm its description and condition. If there is a discrepancy between the initial description and the current condition, CarOffer may lower your offer or cancel your transaction.

You will then complete the required physical and digital transaction documents. Please note that a digital Bill of Sale will be sent to your email and you will need to complete it before the transaction can proceed.

After the transaction documents are completed, your vehicle will be transported to its new home and CarOffer will process your payment.

How long will it take to for my vehicle to be picked up?

Vehicle pickups last on average 15-30 minutes. You can help make this process faster by removing all personal items from your vehicle before the scheduled pickup time and by ensuring that the packet CarOffer mails you is ready to hand over to the driver picking up your vehicle.

Do I have to be present during pickup? 

Anyone whose name appears on the title must be present when the vehicle is picked up. If any of the titleholders cannot be available, please reach out to so we can assist. 

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