Instant Offer: General FAQs

Who is CarOffer? 

CarOffer is a majority-owned subsidiary of CarGurus that leverages patented technology to enable dealers to buy and sell used vehicles instantly.

How is my offer calculated? 

Thousands of CarOffer dealers place orders for the vehicles they would like to purchase. CarOffer uses these orders to identify how much a dealer would pay for your vehicle and provides the best offer to you!

Who is actually buying my car from me?  

Your vehicle will be purchased by CarOffer!

How do you confirm that the vehicle details I entered are correct? 

Upon pickup, your vehicle will be inspected to confirm that its current condition matches your initial description. If there is a discrepancy between the initial description and the current condition CarOffer may lower your offer or cancel your transaction.

What do you need from me to generate an instant offer?

To receive an offer, you will need to provide a basic description of your vehicle and its condition. Some details will include VIN, mileage, color, and interior/exterior condition.

What documents do you need from me to complete my instant offer? 

You will need to provide a government-issued ID, proof of ownership (registration or title), and (if applicable) lien information. Additional documents may be required.

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