Private party shipping

CarGurus Pay is optimal for face-to-face transactions and using the platform can be a little trickier when trying to buy a vehicle sight unseen. While CarGurus Pay does not provide shipping services, we can still support certain delivery transactions. 

If all is going smoothly, you will reach a step that prompts you to meet up to exchange the vehicle and title. Since you are in different locations, we recommend discussing with the buyer the best way to confirm you have handed the vehicle to the shipping company.

One way to do this would be to take a picture with the signed title in the possession of the delivery company. At that point, the buyer can enter the title number and transfer the funds.

If the transaction falls under any of the categories where the transfer of funds will have to take place outside of CarGurus, we recommend using to transfer the funds.

We also encourage you to do a video call if possible. This way you can confirm the condition of the vehicle. 

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