Reviewing preliminary steps before meetup

Once you have filled in the necessary preliminary information, you will reach a screen that looks similar to this:

You can also reach this page from your inbox if you have filled in all of the necessary details. Click "Preview purchase" if you are the buyer or "Preview sale" if you are the seller. All of the steps need to be completed by both parties before the transaction can proceed. If the other party still has some information to fill out, we recommend contacting them for an update. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind once you have reached the Review Negotiation page:

  • If you and the other party have negotiated a new price, rest assured that you will be able to update the amount later in the checkout. 
  • If you are seeing the payment method as "Cash" but initially selected "Bank Transfer", please click here to see why the transaction is not eligible for digital payment through CarGurus Pay.
  • A cash payment does not necessarily mean payment with hard cash. This is merely to indicate that the transfer of funds will take place outside of CarGurus Pay. 
    • CarGurus can still help facilitate the rest of the transaction such as assistance with the bill of sale and title confirmation.
    • Click here for tips on how best to handle payment in these instances.
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