CarGurus Pay Pre-Requisites (Buyer)

CarGurus will need to gather some preliminary information from both you and the seller. You can go ahead and get a head start on the checkout by uploading this information beforehand! You will see four steps to be completed on the right side of your inbox:

(Note: If you plan to submit funds outside of CarGurus, you will not need to link your bank account):

1. How will you pay?: If you plan submit funds electronically through CarGurus, click "Transfer from my bank". If you plan to use any other form of payment, choose "Cash or check":

2. Confirm Personal Information: Be sure the name you enter matches the name on the license you provide for verification:

3. Driver's License Verification: CarGurus requires a valid US license in order to proceed. Rest assured, this will only be shared with our partner Jumio for verification purposes. There are a few issues that could cause an upload to fail including:

  • The photo is too blurry
  • It is not a US license
  • The license has expired
  • The name on the license does not match

You can upload your ID by taking a photo with your current device or uploading a previously taken photo. If you are on a device without a camera, click "Prefer to use your mobile?"

You can then scan a QR code or request a link be sent to your device:

4. Link Bank Account: 

 (Note: If you are unable to find your bank, the transfer of funds will have to take place outside of CG Pay)

5. If all is in order, you will see a blue "Preview purchase" button on the right side of your inbox:

IMPORTANT: If you are not prompted to link a bank account after choosing "Transfer from my bank" as a payment option, it is because the transaction falls into one of the categories outlined here:

Reasons funds will need to be transferred outside of CarGurus Pay

In which case, the transfer of funds will need to take place outside of the CarGurus platform. 

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