Private Listing Removal Reasons

At CarGurus, we strive to promote a transparent marketplace for both buyers and sellers. To do so, there are a few regulations that we expect all sellers to comply with:

  • We do not allow vehicles to be listed at an amount that does not accurately reflect the seller's true asking price. Vehicles that are listed well below the price a seller is willing to accept are misleading to buyers and manipulate the true deal rating of a vehicle. This also includes any vehicles that are listed at a down payment or lease takeover price. 
  • The listed mileage must be the number of miles on the odometer; not the amount that have been driven after a transmission or engine replacement. Sellers can mention in the description section the amount of miles that have been driven since the change. However, listing a vehicle with false mileage can manipulate the IMV and skew search results.
  • If a photo verification is requested, sellers must respond within two weeks with the correct picture and are not allowed more than three attempts to submit the proper photo. 
  • If you are a dealership listing on the private seller platform.

Any violation of these conditions will result in the removal of the listing without eligibility for a refund. 

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