Password tips for secure login

At CarGurus, we understand that security is a major importance for all of our users. In order for a secure login to occur, a password is a requirement for that method to be delivered successfully. The question becomes what makes a good secure password? Below is a list of characteristics that make for a strong password:

  • At least 10 characters or more 
  • Must contain special characters such as *, %, or ! 
  • Include uppercase and lowercase characters 
  • Contain numbers 
  • Something you can remember that is unique to you such as a song lyric
  • Facts that cannot be found online (social media, news press articles, etc.)

While we understand remembering passwords can be tricky, it is highly recommended to use a passphrase as a password. An example of a passphrase could be “IAmA$tr0ngPa$$w0rd!” or “B@ck2L!feB@ck2R3@l!ty.” Try to avoid utilizing common passwords such as “password” or “123456789” as these tend to be common passwords hackers can get a hold of. It is also best to avoid using family names as this can be public information hackers could get ahold of. You should also avoid using the same password on multiple accounts. Once a hacker gets ahold of your login information, they will attempt to access your other accounts with the same password they have obtained.

It is important that you keep your password to yourself only. Your password shall only be shared with yourself. 

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