CarGurus Pay FAQ

Does CarGurus Pay protect against mechanical issues? CarGurus Pay does not protect against undisclosed mechanical issues.

Can I buy the car the same day? We can perform all the necessary checks and verifications on the funds in that time so that when you go to see the car we can complete the transaction after the test drive. Additionally, you can start the process but still back out up until the bill of sale has been signed.

How do I cancel a sale in progress? Go to your "My Cars for Sale" page and click "Cancel" in the box in the top right corner of the screen. One of our representatives will then reach out to confirm the cancellation.

Can I sell a rebuilt title? While selling vehicles with a rebuilt title is allowed, we strongly encourage users to disclose this information before starting the transaction. If the buyer is looking to finance, AUTOPAY may not be able to assist. However, if the buyer has the funds ready to go there should be no issue.

Are there delivery options for private transactions? We do not currently offer additional shipping services with CarGurus Pay.

Can I pay with a credit card? AUTOPAY does not currently accept credit cards as a form of payment.

My buyer needs financing. How do I get paid? When a buyer chooses to finance their purchase of a private vehicle through CarGurus, our partner AUTOPAY handles the transaction and credit application. Sellers will receive the full amount from AUTOPAY.

What is the turnaround time for the process? Turnaround times can vary depending on title status, state documentation requirements and other variables. However, we always try to process the transfer as quickly as possible (a few days) after both seller and buyer complete the initial forms. Please note that AUTOPAY will handle the title transfer and will guide you through all the paperwork needed! CarGurus Pay will ensure you have received payment for your vehicle upon release of the title. Once this happens, you are free to hand over the keys.

What if there is a lien on my vehicle? Sellers can absolutely sell a car if they still have a loan outstanding on it! Our partner, AUTOPAY, will be able to work with the lien holder to get the lien paid off and the title released to the buyer. While this is taking place, we recommend the buyer reaches out to their local DMV for clarification on how to proceed with temporary tags. The remainder of the process and delivery of the title can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks which is standard in most lien payoff transactions.

Can I still use CarGurus Pay if I have an external lender? CarGurus Pay is offered through AUTOPAY exclusively. If the buyer is seeking financing, it must be obtained through AUTOPAY to use this service.

What if I have negative equity? If the amount owed on the lien is greater than the agreed upon sale price, we recommend paying down the loan as much as possible (we recommend going under by $100-$200 to be sure). Unfortunately, AUTOPAY does not at this time offer any options in terms of seller-side financing.

What if there is a second lien on the vehicle? By proceeding through CarGurus Pay, our team at AUTOPAY will perform a title check to ensure there are no surprises like a second lien on the vehicle. They'll also assist in using the purchase price to pay off the lien and secure the title for you. This process can potentially take up to 4-6 weeks.

Can I use the secure transaction service if I found my buyer outside of CarGurus? Yes! Simply go to your "My Cars for Sale" page and click "Start Sale". You will then be prompted to verify the name and contact information of the prospective buyer. 

When do I pay the taxes? Sales tax is paid at the DMV and not at the time of the transaction. For example, if a buyer is purchasing a car for $7000, they’ll only be transferring $7000 to AUTOPAY's escrow account and will handle the rest when they take care of the title/registration at the DMV.

What if my buyer is in another state? AUTOPAY will take care of the documentation needed for cross-state transactions. However, please note that CarGurus does not arrange for shipping or delivery.

Can I still use CarGurus Pay if I have a lease? Private sellers will not be able to use the secure transaction and title transfer services if they have a lease. You can still list your vehicle with CarGurus to find a prospective buyer, but the completion of the sale will have to be finished outside of our platform.

What documents will I need to provide when a representative reaches out? We'll ask you for a photo of your driver's license. Sellers must also provide a photo of their registration and title of ownership (or lender information if you are still making loan payments).

What are the minimum requirements to finance? In order to finance a privately sold vehicle, it must be $7,500 or greater, 10 years old or newer, have 150,000 miles or less, and no title issues.

What if my shipping company doesn't deliver the vehicle? AUTOPAY will be unable to assist in the recouping of funds in the unlikely event that the vehicle is not delivered. This will fall upon your delivery company to reimburse. However, funds are sent to our partner AUTOPAY and held in escrow to be verified. Only once the vehicle has been picked up by your delivery company will they be given the all clear to release the funds to the seller. 

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