How does AUTOPAY help me sell my car?

What is AUTOPAY?
CarGurus has partnered with AUTOPAY to provide you with CarGurus Pay as well as financing options for many privately sold vehicles on the site. AUTOPAY will handle the process from start to finish to ensure the vehicle being purchased has a clean title and the buyer has the funds ready to go for the purchase. You will also get assistance with the bill of sale as well as the title transfer.
What does AUTOPAY assist with?
  • Ensuring the vehicle has a clean title
  • Verifying the buyer’s funds for the purchase
  • Assisting with the bill of sale and title
What do they NOT assist with?
  • Vehicle condition check
  • DMV paperwork
  • Shipping and delivery options
  • Recouping of funds exchanged outside of the secure transaction platform

If your vehicle has a lien, AUTOPAY will be able to work with the lien holder to get the lien paid off and the title released to the buyer. While this is taking place, we recommend the buyer reaches out to their local DMV for clarification on how to proceed with temporary tags.

If you have any questions about these offerings or want to learn more about AUTOPAY you can click here or call 844-292-8061.

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