How to sell a vehicle on CarGurus

To get started with your sale, click on Sell My Car at the top of the page. You will then be prompted to add some details about your vehicle. If you have the VIN handy, you can click the "Look up vehicle by VIN or plate" button and type it in:

This will autofill many of the details about your vehicle. 

For further pricing references, visit our Car Values page. Be sure to check the 'Private Sale Estimate' when entering your vehicle information as this will accurately reflect our private listing IMV!

Further down, you will see a box where you can explain a little more about your vehicle. We encourage users to utilize this section to describe anything about the vehicle that cannot be easily seen when looking at the rest of the information. (eg. aftermarket options, tire life, etc.) 

NOTE: We do not allow phone numbers in private listings. It is our policy for every first interaction between buyer and seller through CarGurus be over the email accounts registered on the site. This is to protect user's personal information as well as allow us to track the interactions between users and maximize our user experience.

CarGurus also requires at least one photo in order to list your vehicle. You will be able to add more photos later on from the My Cars for Sale tab.

Now it's time to set the price of your vehicle! You will be able to see how other vehicles in your area are priced when you put in a number:

We also offer Featured Listing packages at an additional cost for users who are interested.

Keep in mind that listings do expire after sixty days. However, a reminder will be sent when the expiration date is approaching and sellers can choose to extend their listing at any time! Sellers will also be able to re-open their listing within thirty days of the closing date before they are archived.

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