How to use CarGurus search filters

To start you search, go to the home page and input your preferred make and model. If you haven't made up your mind on which make and model suits you best, you can search by just the body style or the price:

Please note that the maximum search radius will be smaller than when searching for a specific make and model. This is to prevent users from receiving an overwhelming amount of search results that may not be relevant.

Once you are on the results page, you will see a number of filters on the left side which can be used to narrow your search. You will be able to single out only the vehicles that fit your needs. Some of these filters include trim, transmission, options and color.

There are other useful filters that don't necessarily pertain to the physical attributes of a car. For example, you can choose to only see vehicles with certain deal ratings, vehicles with pricing, vehicles with photos, and vehicles sold privately:

If there is a more specific detail about a car you are looking for, we recommend trying a text search, found at the bottom of the page:

Unfortunately, this feature is currently only available on our desktop site. 

Please note that if there are no vehicles within your search radius that match your criteria, certain filters will not appear. For example, if there are no Accords with a DX trim level that match up with your other filters, "DX" will not appear in the "Trim" box.

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