Listing Attributes

CarGurus offers a number of tools on vehicle listing pages to give shoppers confidence before talking to a dealer or private seller.

Vehicle History

Underneath the vehicle photos, you will see a section titled "Vehicle History":

We receive our vehicle history information from Issues that have been flagged on their end will automatically appear in this section of the listing. We certainly encourage shoppers to reach out to them to verify any history report. We also recommend shoppers reach out to a seller directly for more information on accidents and title issues. 


You will also be able to see how long a vehicle has been listed as well as its price history:

We encourage users to use this information when negotiating a price with a seller. Of course, feel free to reference our price analysis tool as well:

If you scroll down toward the bottom of the page, you can read reviews from other members of the CarGurus community who have shared their experience with a particular dealer:

Payment Calculator

CarGurus also offers a payment calculator to give shoppers an idea of what financing could potentially looks like:

Please note that the numbers generated are only estimates and are not binding for a private seller or dealer. We recommend reaching out to the seller or the financial institution you are dealing with to receive a more accurate rate.

Chat With a CarGurus Representative

Some dealers have a chat function on their listings which enables shoppers to speak to a CarGurus representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

Feel free to reach out to us with additional questions!

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