How do I re-open a listing?

If for any reason you need to re-open a listing within 30 days of the original close date, you may do so by following these steps:

1) Sign in and hover over your screen name in the top right corner. Then, click on "My Listings" from the drop down menu.

2) Find the car that you had previously listed for sale and click the "Reopen Listing" button:

3) If it has been more than 30 days, click on "My Account" from the main menu. If the car has a blue "owned" label next to it, please click the blue "Manage Car" button to the right. Then select "Edit Car". This will take you to a page where you can change the association of the car. Change this from "Owned" to "Own" and then click "Save" at the bottom of the page:

4) This will take you back to the original page where you can re-open your listing!

Since listings are archived after thirty days, you will be asked to input some information again. However, if you have the VIN, it should autofill most of the details for your vehicle. 

If you are using our mobile app, please go to 'Menu' and click on the 'Cars for Sale' tab. Select the listing you would like to re-activate and then click on 'Re-open listing'.

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