I accepted an offer, what's next?

At CarGurus we understand that negotiating a car deal can be stressful; because of this, we are working hard to make For Sale by Owner transactions smooth and secure! The CarGurus 'Make an Offer' tool is designed to streamline pricing negotiations and make it easier to find an agreed-upon price; however, it is important to note that accepting an offer does not bind either party to take any further action on the sale.

  • If you are selling your car and a seller made an offer you are willing to accept, we recommend accepting and also reaching out with a follow-up message! 
  • If you contacted a seller by simply making an offer and did not receive a response, consider reaching out again by sending a note from your inbox explaining your offer or asking for more information regarding the vehicle! 
  • You might find this article on how to sell your car online useful as it contains some good tips on how to negotiate your price; it will also help you organize your documentation for the sale.

Want to sell your car securely and easily?

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