Dealer Review Content Guidelines

CarGurus strongly believes in transparency throughout the car shopping process. We're confident any transaction between a car shopper and a dealership will be easier and more pleasant if that shopper and dealership communicate openly and honestly.

We let car shoppers publicly review dealerships they've worked with while they're shopping for a car, and we allow dealerships to respond to those reviews directly. In order to ensure high-quality reviews, we only invite shoppers to review a dealership if they contacted them through CarGurus.

If you plan to post a review, here are some things to consider:

We encourage our users to provide as much detail as possible in their reviews. If a submission does not provide enough detail about your experience, we may reach out and ask you to update your feedback. We may also ask you to edit your review if your comment does not match up with the star rating.
Below are some key aspects of your experience that we want to share with the CarGurus community: 
  • Communication. Was the dealer quick to respond to your inquiry? 
  • Listing accuracy. Did the listing accurately describe the conditions of the vehicle? 
  • On-site experience. Was the car clean and ready for your test-drive? 
  • Customer service. Was the dealership staff friendly and accommodating? 
  • Overall impression. Would you recommend the dealer to your friends? 

What we cannot publish: 

  • Accusations of criminal conduct  
  • Inappropriate language  
  • Personal attacks or discriminatory language 
  • Personal information such as full names, initials, credit info etc. 
  • All caps lettering 
  • Reviews that include a different dealer than the one you are submitting feedback for 
  • Comments that only reflect your experience with CarGurus and not the dealership 

Each dealer review CarGurus receives gets screened and is usually posted within 1-2 business days. If we receive a review we can't publish for some reason, we invite the shopper to edit and re-submit it.

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